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Credit card guide

Like many things in life, credit card deals come in all different shapes and forms. Here's our guide to what you should be looking out for.

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Glossary of terms

Whether you're new to credit cards or already a credit card holder, check out our handy guide to some of the most commonly used terms.

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Credit cards

Compare great credit card deals with Think Credit Cards

With so many deals on offer, finding the right credit card can be confusing. That's where Think Credit Cards can help.

Our free credit card comparison tool helps you compare a range of deals and offers. Once you've found the card you want to apply for, all it takes is a simple click.

We can help you find a wide range of credit cards, including interest-free, 0% balance transfer, cashback, rewards and bad credit deals.

Making a credit card application

To apply for a credit card, all you need to do is click 'Proceed'. From there, we'll take you straight to the card provider's website, where you can complete your application.

Just be careful not to apply for too many cards. A failed application could harm your credit rating, which could make it more difficult to get a credit card in the future. However, you can click 'Proceed' as many times as you like - your application won't be completed until you confirm your details on the next page.

0% credit card

A credit card with 0% interest on purchases could greatly reduce the overall cost of using your card. These interest-free deals won't charge any interest on purchases made using your credit card for a limited period.

This means you can buy something today and pay later without having to worry about the debt getting any bigger. This could save you a lot of money compared with regular credit cards, which often charge around 17-18% APR for purchases.

However, remember that once the interest-free period ends, you will have to start paying interest on any balance left on the account. For this reason, you should always make sure you can afford to repay the debt before you start spending on your new card.

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0% balance transfer

Not all credit cards are for spending money with - some can make repaying your debts easier. A 0% balance transfer credit card allows you to shift debts from old credit cards onto your new card, and for a limited time you won't pay any interest on the balance.

This effectively allows you to repay your debts interest-free for a while - meaning more of each payment you make goes towards paying off your debt, instead of interest.

To avoid paying interest at the end of this time, you'll need to either pay off the debt in full or find another 0% balance transfer card.

One thing to remember: although you won't pay any interest for the 0% period, you will usually be expected to pay a credit card balance transfer fee of around 3% of the balance (unless you can find a no-fee credit card).

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Cashback & rewards

If you want to get a little bit extra from using your credit card, a cashback or rewards credit card could be what you're looking for. As the name suggests, these cards offer cashback or rewards for each pound you spend using your credit card, effectively bringing down the cost of your spending.

Rewards available include things like Airmiles, supermarket loyalty points and money-off vouchers. The actual level of cashback or rewards you receive can vary from card to card - so you should always check this before you apply.

Unfortunately, not all rewards and cashback credit cards offer any promotional 0% interest deals. As such, they may only be worthwhile if you intend on repaying everything you owe before interest is charged, as the interest often outweighs the rewards.

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Cards for bad credit

In the current climate, borrowing money of any kind can be difficult. However, there are actually a number of credit cards available for people with a bad credit rating.

Bad credit credit cards - also known as 'credit repair' cards - have two main advantages. First of all, they are accessible to people with a bad credit rating - if you've missed debt repayments or unpaid bills in the past, a credit card for bad credit may be your only option.

Secondly, bad credit credit cards give you a valuable way of improving your credit rating. As long as you don't exceed your limits and make at least the minimum repayments on time, you'll be demonstrating that you can be a responsible borrower. Over time, this should make it easier to get access to other types of credit, such as a mortgage, as well as giving you access to better rates.

The downside of credit cards for bad credit is that the interest rate tends to be much higher than other credit cards offer. However, if you always repay your balance before the end of the month, you'll never pay any interest at all, and you'll still be improving your credit score.

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Cards with low interest rates

If you have a good credit rating, you may qualify for a low-interest credit card deal. These credit cards offer much lower interest rates than you'd usually find, meaning they could cost much less over time.

An advantage of low-rate credit cards is that the low rate does not usually expire (unlike 0% interest deals). You'll pay the same rate for as long as you keep the card. This means they can be suitable for longer-term borrowing, and could even provide a low-cost alternative to a personal loan.

Some low-rate credit cards don't charge balance transfer fees, either. So although you'll pay interest on balance transfers over time, you'll avoid the expensive fee that comes with 0% balance transfer deals.

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