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Appliance costs infographic: how much does it cost to run your home?

17 April 2013


Many of us will have looked at our electricity bills and wondered how much all our electrical appliances actually cost to use. After all, if you know how much each item in your home costs to run, you may be able to save money by using some of the most 'expensive' appliances less frequently.

All About Money's appliance costs infographic reveals a number of interesting facts about how much it costs to run the average home each month. For example, it shows that less-expensive appliances to run include your electric toothbrush, CD player and microwave, whereas fan ovens and electric showers are much more expensive.

In fact, an electric power shower seems to be the most expensive appliance in the average home, costing around £25 per month to use - that's around half the average monthly electricity bill! The bedroom is the cheapest room in the typical house, as it only costs £2.25 per month to run.

Have a look at All About Money's appliance costs infographic to learn more about how much it costs to run your home each month.

Once you know how much it costs to run all of the items in your home, it's worth thinking about how much it could cost you if these items stopped running. Getting the right contents insurance policy could help you to make sure that your home keeps running as it should - whatever happens.

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